Friday, October 06, 2006

Broke da mouf

I'm trying out a new web album program, Picasa's competitor to Flickr, in my opinion. I still like Flickr, but haven't signed up for a pro account yet. Testing both...would love your input on it, too.

Click on the album below to see a few of the delicious (broke da mouf) foods we consumed in Hawaii.
Broke da mouf
Sep 30, 2006 - 17 Photos

update: Picasa's online web album isn't really all that similar to Flickr now that I think of it. Flickr is more of an online networked photo sharing community with tags and searchable features. Picasa's is more like "lemme pull out my Hawaii album and show it to you my friend".


Nan said...

Love your Picassa pictures. When I clicked on it, it displayed your album with the text, and I liked the look of it. Wonderful food and drink pics.

How many photos does it hold? I've reached my capacity on plain ole Picassa.

It also had my e-mail address at the top. Does Picassa have a cookie that lets it recognize me like Amazon does?

Nan said...

I found the update waiting for me when I went back to Picassa. I haven't put anything in albums yet. I notice that the button you click to post to blogger is now gone. Is it on the albums page? I guess I'll have to add something to an album and check it out. I hope that button is still around!

Ginnie said...

I noticed that Amy's future FIL uses this same web album. I think someone else I know uses it. And if it's free, you can't beat that! My Photosite costs $50/year but I don't know how to compare it to anything else. Flickr is pretty big. Hmmm. So many things to consider but if you have success with this, go for it!