Thursday, October 19, 2006

All About Bob

Ya gotta love this guy, dontcha?

On our way home from Vegas on Monday evening, we stopped in beautiful Baker, California for dinner. Usually, we stop at Del Taco (it's history is in Barstow afterall), but we noticed a billboard on the freeway advertising Bob's Big Boy. We haven't been there in years. 5? 10? Something like that. So we had to stop. Our lives depended on it. We were about to wither away because hadn't eaten enough food at the Vegas buffet the day before.

Bob's Big Boy restaurants have just about disappeared in California, or at least it seems like it. Maybe they're having a resurgence. That'd be a good thing as long as they stay in Southern California. I don't need them up here to tempt me. And I'm in S. California enough that I won't be deprived. Like how I'm deprived from Cracker Barrel because they're a Southern/Eastern/Midwestern thing.

In the high desert where I grew up, there was one Bob's Big Boy restaurant. My family only went out to eat once a week, on Sunday after church. Most of the time we'd go to McDonalds or Burger King. On special occasions, we'd go to the sit-down restaurants in town - Bob's Big Boy or Sambos. Admittedly, Sambos was our family's first choice until they went out of business in 1982 but Bob's was a very close 2nd.

When Jimmy grew up, his family went to Bob's often. He remembers going with his family at the crack of dawn, usually before a motorcycle event or space shuttle landing at nearby Edwards Air Force Base. After long work days or long car trips, Bob's was his family's restaurant of choice.

Then when Jimmy and I started dating, it was the restaurant we ate at after senior prom in the wee-early morning. Yes, Bob's Big Boy is a part of our history. It's a little bit pathetic, but it's ours. Posted by Picasa


Ragged Around the Edges said...

OMIGOD, are you sure you weren't in Kentucky. We love Bob's Big Boy. I even have a plastic ring around here somewhere sporting his face.

Ginnie said...

What we see more of in the SE is Shoney's
which, I think, took over or used to be called Bob's Big Boy. It's kinda fun to have those special memories, no matter where :)

Jodi said...

I can walk to a Bob's Big Boy that was built in '49 and is a "State Point of Historical Interest." I love that it's open 24/7 too. I'm there at least twice a month.

paris parfait said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I've been to Bob's Big Boy a few times in my life, at various places in the US. Those places are terrific.