Friday, September 01, 2006

Weekend Already?

Time flies. it already 10:30 on a Friday night on the first day of September?

Last weekend, which only seemed like yesterday, the Chancey's came to the cabin with us. It was the first time the twins had been on a boat and they loved it. They loved lounging in the big water tubes too, as you can see, hanging out with Jimmy and their daddy.

This weekend we're staying local. Visiting the Brewer's and their newest little baby who gleefully made her entrance this week. Also going to the Bowen's for a birthday party. ABowen just turned 5 and WBowen will be 2 very soon.

This weekend marks the unofficial end of summer. I'm not ready. I love fall, Halloween, the crispness of the air...but I feel like I'm still stuck in July so it can't possibly be fall yet. I've had a great summer, though. Spent with lots of activities and lots, LOTS of kiddies. I am Auntie Madeline and I love it. Posted by Picasa

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Ginnie said...

Awww. Auntie Madeline. So THAT'S where MAD comes from :)