Monday, September 18, 2006

Madretz, you just finished your first race. What are you going to do now?

"I'm going to...

Whooo Hooo!!! Here I am, post race, with my supportive coach doing a celebration pose on the Mickey head icon.


It was hard, I wish I was conditioned better, but it was so awesome running through Disneyland and having all the characters cheering us on.

What? I have a bib number on my t-shirt?? Are you serious?? ME??? Never in my lifetime would I have imagined this sight. And how cool is this...the 5k theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, that's Captain Jack Sparrow running my my chest. Phin took this photo of me at 5:48am, right before we walked over to the starting line.

2,999 other runners waiting for the race to begin.

Mickey, Minnie and their pirate pal cheered us on as we approached the starting line.
Whoo hoo! Crossing the starting line, just 3.1 more miles to go.

Running down Main Street. Actually, walking quickly down Main Street. As you can see, there are a lot of people. It was easier (and a good excuse) to walk with them rather than navigate around them. The good thing about walking was that you could take a tiny bit more time to take in the experience. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

We ran through Adventureland and guess who was cheering us on??
Captain Jack Sparrow himself!! Verry close, but not quite Johnny Depp. Sheesh, I certainly would have passed out if it were. Talk about being breathless.

Running through the castle!! Cinderella, Prince Charming and the Fairy Godmother's all cheering us on.

Running through California Adventures. These wide open spaces is where a lot of the runners left me in the dust. We ran our last mile in DCA and Phin and I crossed the finish 45 minutes after we crossed the starting line. In all of the pre-race literature, they specifically said that to receive a medal you had to complete the race with a 15 minute per mile pace and that all runners who didn't finish within that time would be picked up and brought to the finish line but I don't think they did because there were still a few hundred runners behind me.

The coveted Disneyland 5k Fun Run Medal and commemorative Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirt! These, along with my memories and the photos Phin took during the race are cherished.


Jodi said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself!!!

Ginnie said...

Yaaaaaaay. You did it! I'm so proud of you. What a great memory and accomplishment. So glad you shared all these pics.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Oh, Madretz. I am beaming with pride. I bet you are still riding high on the adrenaline!

paris parfait said...

Hip, hip Hooray! You did it! Bravo! You must feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride. Well done - enjoy your celebration(s!

phinner said...

yeah, baby!

so, when's our next wog?! heeeeeeee!

mommy said...

You are sooooo cool! Yay for you!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Congrats!!!