Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kipu Ranch ATV Tours

Ok, so it's really hard to pinpoint a favorite part of anything when you're relaxing in paradise, but this certainly was a big far!

Monday afternoon, we took an ATV Tour of Kipu Ranch. It started out in the flat ranch area where they raise cows. All of the free range cows we saw wandering around were primarily used for breeding. Most of their offspring are usually sent back to the mainland and sold at auction. It was nice having the flat roads to get used to the vehicles. These suckers were so cool, as you can see, 2 passenger "Rhinos", Jimmy drove and I enjoyed being a passenger and taking 200+ photos of amazing scenery and lots of shots of the back of ohana's Rhino, too!
Here we are on the ranch. If you enlarge the photo, you can see the grazing cows.

A lot of movies were filmed on Kauai, most notably Jurassic Park, Six Days and Seven Nights, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. All of which were filmed partially on the ranch and elsewhere on the island. We rode through this very dense forest and before I knew about the movie trivia, I was totally thinking "I feel like I'm on the Raiders of the Lost Ark ride at Disneyland." Turns out I was...but in real life!! Hee! This photo is just about the only non-blurry one I captured since it was dark and very bumpy. ps: if you ever do this and are prone to bug bites, don't forget the deet.

One more gorgeous view along our ride. It was 3 hours. Our niece was a maniac on that thing! It was awesome. We were having sooo much fun!

The Grand Finale! Our tour guide Tom lead us up to the ridgeline of the mountain in the previous photo. The view was spectacular! Again, lots of movie scenes shot here. If you've seen Hook, this was Neverland.

Hawaii is my Neverland. And I've found it.


Jodi said...

I'm as green as that island with envy right now! I'm actually very happy for you to have such a wonderful vacation and look forward to many more stunning images!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

And I bet you Never, Ever want to leave.

Nan said...

That is amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I may never make it there but at least I can dream!

welshwitch36 said...

Yep, would agree that everyone should have their own Neverland. Still to find mine ;o)