Monday, August 21, 2006

Who said it always rains in Seattle?

Having a great time in Seattle, I'm here till Wednesday evening.

The flight over was easy, simple, breezy...if you may. I had to check a bag, which is unusual for me because I travel very light. But since I had to check my bag (toothpaste, ya know?) I decided to take my laptop. Weeee!! Which, some might think is excessive, but I need to be plugged in. I'm even bringing my laptop to Hawaii, the condo we're staying at has hi-speed DSL, so there. Did a few Su Doku puzzles (thanks Danielle!) and next thing I knew, we were touching down in Seattle.

It's been warm here! 89-90 degrees at the space needle yesterday. At home it was in the mid-70s, my preferred temperature. It'll probably start cooling off here on Wednesday and warming up at home, just in time for my arrival.

Spent today hangin' with my peps. (Phin, I went to Rubber Soul). Walked along Lake Washington a bit and had lunch in Kirkland - the home of Costco.

Missin' the husband a lot. Next time, James, you come along. :)


Ragged Around the Edges said...

I am so with you on the laptop. I don't blame you a bit. Enjoy your trip!

phinner said...

Monkey Boy said it has been hot! : .)

Sounds like you are having fun!!!

Was Rubber Soul too cool!? I love that store! Debby's friend and friend's son used to work there teaching classes!

Next time, the stamp store in Issaquah.

Jodi said...

Looks gorgeous! Sounds like you are having a great time!

Nan said...

Is that a ferris wheel next to the Space Needle? Did you ride it? I love going up on the ferris wheel, but coming down on the other side is a different matter...but the view from the top makes it all worthwhile!

paris parfait said...

Sounds like you've had a blast in one of my favourite cities!

Ginnie said...

What a super shot of the Needle! Great job. BTW, my Sudoku book goes with me everywhere for those times I need time to fun.

madretz said...

Hi Cate,
Nope, didn't ride the ferris wheel. It really wasn't very big, but I'm sort of a chicken when it comes to ferris wheels. I'll go on them when everyone else is going on, but I won't be the one suggesting it first. :) Gimme a loop-de-loop hi speed roller coaster though and I'll be in the front seat with both of my hands in the air!

Unknown said...

I'm about 45 min away from Seattle. Our weather certainly has been great! I really enjoy your blogger.