Monday, August 14, 2006

Tea haiku

Have a spot of tea
Some crustless sandwiches, too
Perfect afternoon

A girlfriend's soiree
Let's talk about everything
Who what where when why

One small simple sip
Gives instant comfort - relief
Smooth satisfaction

Submitted to One Deep Breath Haiku Challenge: Tea/Coffee Posted by Picasa


Jodi said...

I love the haiku and the photo! There is something special about an afternoon tea with girlfriends!

Jennifer S. said...

so pretty, so inviting... Love tea time!

Becca said...

Makes me want to have a tea party!
Perfectly lovely haiku and photos, my dear.

Kim said...

Oh! this is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. The photo is lovely and I like, "One small simple sip Gives instant comfort - relief" this is so true.
You've captured tea time splendidly.

SLW said...

Sounds divine! Be right over... ;-)

I love the photo-- and teatime, what a great idea. Will have to do one with a special friend soon.

Tammy Brierly said...

Room for one more? I want to eat that photo :) Lovely haiku!

Ian russell said...

now that is a quintessentially english image you've composed and i'm loving it! i'm not too blokey to enjoy afternoon tea, sandwiches and pastries - i'll even eat the crusts. ;o)

now, what about ''cream teas'', strawberry jam and warm scones?! do you have those in the US? Mmmmmm.

lovely haikus.

welshwitch36 said...

Feeling hungry looking at this, the haikus are fab too :o)

Annie Jeffries said...

So completely feminine and girly. Completely evokes the meaning of friendship between women.