Friday, August 18, 2006

Summer is all about

...spending as many days on the water as possible.

Phin came to the cabin with us this week and Jimmy's cousin from Bishop joined us, too.
That's Phin hangin' on the tube while Jimmy races the boat at full speed!

The view from where we beached for the day to swim and enjoy the warm sun. Serenity and tranquility at it's best.

The only 'scary' part was the spotting of this water snake. Phin was swimming and saw his little head poking above the water about 10 yards away and quickly decided it best to swim away from the snake! Of course, the guys thought it was cool. I donno...something about the combination of water and snake just doesn't turn me on. Snakes are bad enough on land, but oh so much more scary in the water. However, it was a lot more humorous then frightening. Phin and I aren't phobic of snakes or anything, we just like to keep a healthy distance from them. :)

Hidden waterfall - what an awesome surprise!! Jimmy manuevered the boat into the little cove so we could hop out onto the rocks for a better view. Awesome.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

What an incredibly beautiful area. . . despite the snake.

Ginnie said...

I love all the water colors! It's clear you picked a spectacular spot for a get-away! So much better, as far as I'm concerned, than the crowded beach!

Nan said...

That's so funny about Phin and the snake!

Our kids loved to tube back when everyone had plenty of time. What great memories.

Oh, and that waterfall is beautiful!

welshwitch36 said...

A lovely series of watery pics, I really love the waterfall :o)