Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Outlet Malls

I went to the Gilroy Outlet Center the other day to return something I bought online from Eddie Bauer. Figuring it was an outlet store, I assumed the prices would be cheap and the sales would be rampant. Wrong. Maybe most things were a max of $10-$12 off regular price of last season's clothes. There were a couple of racks in the back that had 40% off, but nothing in my style or size. All I want is one simple summer'd think that summer stuff would be marked 60-70% off...nope. In fact, there were hardly any summer clothes at all, 98% of the clothes in there were fall.
Last night, Phin and I went to Valley Fair and I found a skirt in the sales rack at Nordstrom, $21. That same skirt would have been $39.99 at the outlet center. That seems to be their magic number. Plus, if I decide against keeping it, Nordstrom is only 4 miles away, whereas the Outlet center is 30ish miles away.
Truthfully, I'm pretty annoyed at shopping. It's more of a chore rather than an event or fun thing to do. Remember in high school and college, or right after you had your first real job out of college and shopping was the best thing to do with all of your free time and money? Not anymore.

Bold squirrel in my MIL's yard.


Jodi said...

Gilroy is the garlic town, right? It's so much fun to find great bargains!

Great photo of the squirrel, by the way!

madretz said...

Yup! Garlic capital of the world. The garlic festival is suppose to be a lot of fun. I haven't been yet, but they supposedly have garlic ice cream. I think I'll stick to vanilla or chocolate thank you very much.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You know, I feel the same way. Shopping has lost its allure for me. It's a chore, an unwelcome chore.

paris parfait said...

Ah, that does seem like a long time ago! Shopping has definitely lost its edge - at least for clothes. I've been to that Gilroy outlet and the prices always seemed remarkably similar to the department stores.

Ginnie said...

I know that garlic capital of the world! In fact, they even have garlic ice cream, as I recall, though I didn't try it. I would have, but we were just passing through.

And yes, a great pic of the squirrel!