Thursday, August 03, 2006

How computers communicate with each other

We were in my car, 2 of my nephews and their mom, driving to the Apple Ranch. We have a GPS (Global Positioning System) and the 5 year was very curious about the map system.

After several minutes of trying to explain in 5 year old vocabulary how a GPS works, it actually seemed like he pretty much understood. The questions continued:

Nephew: What's that triangle on the map?

Me: That's us, in the car. This computer talks to the computers in the sky and it keeps track of where we are on the road.

Nephew: I didn't know that computer had a mouth to talk.


Nan said...

Cute! And that's an adorable picture!

Ginnie said...

HAHAHAHAHA. Don't you just love what comes out of their heads/mouths!

phinner said...

Braniac! There's that face again!!!

He's soooo tute!!!