Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sure, exploring new places is the best part of geocaching, but looking through all of fun and crazy stuff people leave is a top highlight, too!

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Ragged Around the Edges said...

I think people can be so creative in what they leave in caches.

Nan said...

I'm curious...what kind of stuff do they leave?

madretz said...

Hi Cate,
Usually little toys and trinkets. Rarely valued more than $1. Pez dispensers, matchbox cars, coins or tokens, compasses, etc. Sometimes you'll find strange things like dental floss or a broken pair of sunglasses. They say not to leave food b/c animals could dig up the container.
If you're lucky, you can find a "travel bug". It's a special treasure that has a specific ID tag so the original owner (or anyone) can track where that particular treasure goes. The finder enters the ID number at and leaves it at different treasure site (called a 'cache').

Ginnie said...

I have always thought this would be so much fun. Does this mean YOU hunt for these treasures? How great, if so.

madretz said...

Yup, Jimmy and I started geocaching in 2003. It's a great family activity, too. Your gson would love it!