Saturday, July 22, 2006


I try not to complain about the heat. Growing up in the Mojave Desert, 112 degree summer days weren't unusual. But I haven't lived in the desert for over 18 years. And today was uncomfortably hot. Broke all kinds of record highs in the bay area.
We spent the day at my inlaws. Happily, they have air conditioning. But we kept thinking about our poor kitty left behind in our sweltering little duplex. This is what she looked like when we got home at 8pm. Poor thing, trying to keep cool on the wood floors. It was over 90 degrees and muggy as hell in here.
That's downtown San Jose and the Santa Clara Valley. A very hazy day.

I know everyone in the country/world is suffering from the heat. Our humidity usually stays below 40% so I still feel pretty fortunate.

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Ragged Around the Edges said...

Oh, Madretz, the horrible storms brought a cold front our way after a week of 100-degree days! Yesterday it was only 81, so I really can't complain.

So sorry it's miserably hot where you are. I think you should treat yourself to ice cream and lots of cool beverages.

phinner said...

Poor Billy!!! Heavy fur coat and all!!! I know exactly how she feels!

I was gonna bake you a cocoa cake with cream cheese frosting a la Draegers today, but it was TOO DARN HOT!!! Maybe next weekend!!! : .)

Nan said...

We've had a reprieve from the heat. The rain we got did the plants a lot of good, and lowered the temps about ten degrees as well. A big difference! This week-end was sure better than last!

paris parfait said...

Don't even ask - it's miserable in Paris. And of course, hardly any place is air-conditioned. Sigh. Still, it could be worse. I can't wait until September!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize it ever got that hot there! Maine is hot this summer, too.

Neat blog!

Nicole said...

I keep reading about the heat wave across Europe (and everywhere I guess) but Sicily has been surprisingly mild lately. It's been in the low 90's when it seems that the last few years we spend much of July in 100's. It has been fairly humid which seems unusual but the heat hasn't been unbearable. We'll see what happens next week ;-)