Sunday, July 23, 2006

Another Hot Day

Oh how I wish we were at the lake.

Today's temps in San Jose peaked at 108, muggy and partially cloudy. The air was thick. Blech. We were watching the Weather Channel this evening and saw that 75% of homes in the nation have air conditioners. I was surprised because I'm sure that less than 40% of the homes in the Bay Area have AC. Because of this, people are seeking refuge outside of their homes. We went to the movies today and the line was long. The people behind us said "Is this the end of the line for air conditioning?" People joked about how they didn't care what they movie they saw, just let 'em in the theatre. Unfortunately for one viewer though, it was too late. Jimmy and I took our seats and the poor woman in front of us was having a heat stroke. I'm not exaggerating. She was young and fit, in her 20's. But she was delirious, foaming at the mouth, eyes rolled back and sweating uncontrollably. The paramedics came, gave her oxygen and took her out. It was very sad and scary. I hope she's ok now.

We saw "The Lady in the Water". It was very good and totally not what I expected. I'll end with that lest I give anything away. Posted by Picasa


Ragged Around the Edges said...

I cannot imagine such heat without a/c! Being in a river valley, we have horrible humidity, hence the necessity for it.

At least you'll catch up on your movie going. . .

Nan said...

The heat sounds horrible. We've had nineties here a lot this summer, and it's been SO-O-O uncomfortable (to put it mildly), but we've been able to come in and kick the air on when needed. It's better now that it's in the eighties. I remember when my husband and I were first married and we didn't have a/c and how very hot it was at night for sleeping...almost impossible.

P.S. I LOVED Lady in the Water!

Ginnie said...

This may be the hottest summer on record for the entire world! UGH for those of you without A/C. I'm so sorry.

We saw "Lady In the Water" last night and loved it. Usually I won't go to a movie if I think it'll be too scary but I decided this one would be okay (it was!). Any movie Donica can't figure out before the end is one she likes :)