Friday, June 09, 2006

A Good Friday

My dogs are tired, but it was a good day on the Peninsula.

We only had 1 car today b/c Jimmy's was at the mechanics so we carpooled to Menlo Park. He dropped me off about an hour before my train, so I stopped at one of my very favorite places to grab a bite, Crepes Cafe.
I ate brunch on the patio under the warm sun reading the daily rag. I laughed at Atherton's Police Reports:

"Police stopped to investigate a construction site that had a light on."
"Twenty bicyclists were in the roadway."
"A resident wanted to talk to police about a dispute with a neighbor about a fence."

Ou...real crime happening in Atherton. Atherton is one of those neighborhoods where crime doesn't seem to exist so the residents create something to complain to the police about. This is how the police fill their time. Jimmy and his buddies used to tease one of their friends who lived there about how the police would change the cat litter when he was on vacation because there was nothing else for them to do.

I also read an article that Stanford is looking for participants who suffer from sleep apnea. I'm seriously considering signing up for that. In addition to possibly finding a cure for my severe snoring problem, they'll also pay $500 upon completion.

Mostly though, I just savored my delicious Le Complete crepe and Guatemalan coffee (they were out of French Roast) while basking in the warm sun. Good thing I had a hearty meal because I had a lot of walking a head of me.
After breakfast, I headed to the train station. I love Menlo Park. It's one of my top-5-cities-I'd-love-to-live-in in the Bay Area. But that's not reality. :)
I was heading to San Mateo to meet Doris at the fairgrounds to go to the Gem and Jewelry Show. Well, I miscalculated where I needed to stop and ended up getting off at the wrong station. The next train back would have been another 40 minutes and I knew I could walk back faster than that, so I called Doris, told her about my snafu, and started walking. About 25 minutes later, Doris and I were wide-eyed looking at all the beautiful gems.

Well, it's almost a good thing that I've been really scatterbrained lately. Because I left my wallet at our hideway in the mountains so I had no credit cards and only a limited amount of cash. (Shhh...I've been driving w/o my license.) But the deals at the show were incredible! Many booths offered 50% to 80% discounts. But seeing all those colors, all those sparkly things in one building was the biggest treat. It was pure eye candy. Unfortunately, they didn't allow photos, otherwise I would have been snapping away at the rainbow of colors.

But one thing I kept thinking, mom would have loved this. She loved discounted jewelry and she loved to haggle over prices. I was always so embarrassed by it, but it's one of those vivid memories I have of her.

We walked around the showroom for 3 1/2 hours then walked around Hillsdale Mall for a little while till Jimmy picked me up and we met the Bowens for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: La Higuerita. It's new, but owned by the same people who own La Morenita in Palo Alto. After dinner, the 6 of us walked to Dairy Belle and had ice cream.

I'm in the middle of training for my 5k Training and typically, I wog (walk/jog) with Phin on Friday's but I had to bail b/c I Jimmy had the car and turned out that I wasn't gonna be around all day. But I wogged yesterday and promised to wog on Saturday since I thought I was going to be slothlike all day today. I'll still wog tomorrow, but I definitely logged my share of miles today!


phinner said...

What, I didn't get invited to the Gem and Jewelry show, sheesh!

Plus, I take that thing back about you not being a long winded blogger ; .)

Sounds like you had a fantastic day! I hope you got some fun goodies at the show and you'll show them to me soon!!!

Habe gud wogging today, grilfiend!!!

madretz said...

I know! I don't think i've EVER written such a long post.

You were on my mind all day, too. Starting w/ Crepes Cafe of course!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

A leisurely breakfast is an awesome luxury, I am glad you enjoyed.

I have heard about your trainign and wog and I wanna say how impressed I am with you. You are inspiring.

Unknown said...

Your photos are sooo great! I love visiting your blog. Those crepes look awesome! I must say though ...I make some pretty darn good crepes too:-) Just bragging a little bit.
btw would you wanna share,what's your favorite crepe?

madretz said...

I'm so jealous! I can't fathom making a crepe.
Geez...pick a favorite? Savory...I'll usually chose something that has salmon in it. Sweet...the choices are endless. Berries and creme. Bananas and nutella. Oh, i can't even think of all the yummy ones. I even love 'em with powdered sugar and lemon. (smacking lips!).