Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Car Woes and Global Warming

Hello, my name is Madretz and I'm an SUV driver.
It's not really something I yell out to the world. But in my defense, it doesn't get "that" bad of gas mileage considering typical SUV mileage. And we actually use it's 4wd capabilities. Since we have a cabin that is up a mountainous road with an average snowfall of 40 inches per year, we need a car that has a high clearance and won't (hopefully) get stuck in the snow or mud. We try to be responsible SUV drivers. If/when this car dies, we've talked about getting the hybrid version or Toyota Highlander's hybrid version.

However, with gas prices the way they are and evidence that we really need to pay more attention to how we're affecting our environment, I'm tempted to park my car and not drive it at all.

Jimmy's car is still at the mechanics (day 11). My "check engine" light came on a couple of days ago. Luckily we can function with only one vehicle, but I can't help but be concerned about that check engine light. Coincidentally, it came on the day after we watched "An Inconvenient Truth."

After watching that movie, I can't help but pay attention to these coincidences. The flooding back east, the droughts in the southwest, and the record temperatures we've had in the west. At the very least, you have to scratch your chin.

Jimmy photoshopped the racing advertisement onto my car a couple of years ago just for the halibut. I particularily like the purple rims. :-) The original photo was taken about a mile from where I grew up. Posted by Picasa


paris parfait said...

I'm glad you saw the movie. Wasn't it shocking and powerful? Am also glad you use your SUV for practical reasons, not for show as too many people seem to do. Great photo!

Jodi said...

I agree with paris parfait above. Now go see who killed the electic car and be prepared to become even more distressed!

phinner said...

Just an FYI, I recently heard that the savings at the pump are not a benefit to owning a hybrid, but its definitely the way to go for environmentalists who need to drive. I think its at least good subject to research.

Nan said...

Your hub did a great job fancying up your car. Is that your name on there twice? It's a little small to see, but that's what it looks like. Did he photoshop that, or is it really on there?

If the movie doesn't come out on cable or dvd, I'll probably never get to see it. I've been concerned about the environment for years after watching "3,2,1, Contact" specials... one on the cutting of the rainforest and another one about garbage. I used to show them to my classes when I taught school. Scary...the damage that's being done.

madretz said...

Cate: Yup, he photoshopped madretz up there. That'd be pretty funny if it was up there for real!

Yes, I do believe there are plans for it to come out on DVD but I did a little searching and couldn't find an expected date, though.

Ginnie said...

You've really hit the button re: this concern of mine as well (I've yet to see Al Gore's movie but I plan to see it as soon as we get back from the 4th holiday). I' first had the Honda Insight for 2 years (60 mpg) and upgraded to their Civic hybrid 4 years ago (because of a grandson!) and am getting 48 mpg. I'm not sure what phinner meant but as far as I'm concerned, that's a definite bemefit at the gas pump. I've heard that the Accords and bigger hybrid vehicles may not get better gas mileage but are better for the environment. Maybe that's what she was talkling about--the bigger hybrids.

Anyway, it sounds like you're being responsible with what you have.