Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dinner by Propane

Saturday night, Jimmy and I were enjoying our evening at our hideway in the Sierras.

Then the power went out.

Dinner was in the oven and only partially cooked. But being a resourceful couple, we were not detered. Jimmy broke out the propane stove and we continued cooking.

Points to remember:
-Propane heat is much hotter than you think. This little burner completely cooked the chicken pieces in this casserole w/in 5 minutes. It had been in the oven 40 minutes prior and the chicken was still pinkish when the power went out.
-Power outtages in the middle of a forest are excruciatingly quite.
-You really can't read by candle light.
-The battery in your laptop will inevitably be weak.
-10pm is a reasonable bedtime.
-Before going to bed, remember to turn off all the appliances/lights that were on otherwise you'll be rudely awakened.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Sorry you were without power, but glad you got some extra sleep as a result. 10 p.m. is a perfectly respectable bedtime!

Anonymous said...

Oh noooo! I get paralized when the power goes out. Truly I have no way to function without it.

Clever you to have the propane back up.

Unknown said...

Those are good points to remember!
Sorry you had to go w/o power though it sounds like you and Jimmy managed quite well and add it to your memorable moments:-)

Anonymous said...

That is HYSTERICAL!!! I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you :) I will keep those points in mind and will definitely remember to turn everything OFF so as NOT to be rudely awakened!!!!!

Nan said...

I love the last hint...that could really shock the system in the middle of the night!