Tuesday, May 16, 2006

California Humor

Now this is just funny!


Be sure and read the text, too.


Ginnie said...

That is hysterical, Mad. I love it. (I can laugh because I lived in CA for 12 years!)

madretz said...

heehee! Glad you got a chuckle from it.

I suspect some would respond by saying:

"California Out of the US!"

With the same fervor. LOL!!!

Nan said...

Does that mean we have to have a passport if we come to visit?

madretz said...

Hehe Cate!! Good point...that would suck!!!

I just think it's funny that someone made a t-shirt that points out the stereotypical California attitude that we're so different that we're practically our own country. And also the reverse from outside California that 'they're so different they should be their own country'.