Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Brought to you by the letter B

Here’s a fun meme that I found on Ginnie’s blog. She gave me the letter “B” and my task is to come up with ten words that begin with that letter, include an explanation of why I chose it, then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

So...come and play...let me know if you'd like a letter and I'll give you one, too!

Here are mine, alphabetically:

Babies: really, do I have to say much more? I recently spent the evening with 3 of my nephews and had a ball! Truthfully though, the baby, as cute as he was, wasn’t nearly as fun as the pre-schoolers. The baby just wasn’t as interactive as the others. But still, there’s not much more precious than a little giggle or a coo from a baby.

Bags: purses, totes, backpacks. I love ‘em. One of my material weaknesses. Sure, I love the expensive designer bags but gimme a cute one from Target and I will not discriminate.

Baked goods: cookies, pie, cake, bread, muffins, brownies. Yummy, sinfully delicious bad-for-me carbs.

Bay Area: I live in the SF Bay Area. God willing, we will spend the rest of our days here. San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz…these cities are all unique but they share that quintessential Bay Area ideology.

Beaches: symbolize serenity, peace, warmth, relaxation. One of my favorite vacation spots is Hawaii…surrounded by beaches, the warm sand, listening to the waves crashing, watching the sun setting in the horizon.

Bears: I’ve always felt an attachment to bears. I know, I know, Steven Colbert swears they’re the threat of our nation as “godless killing machines without a soul”. :-)
But if I were to have an animal spirit, I believe it would be a black bear.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures: the movie. They have an awesome quote to live by: “Be Excellent to each other”. Simple as that. Influenced by this movie, when we got our two kitties in 1991, we named them Bill and Ted. One of them is a girl so we call her Billy. She’s the fluffy one I feature often on this blog. Ted is the kitty in my profile but he tragically died last summer.

Birds: to be able to fly and look down and gaze upon the earth, how awesome would that be? From listening to their twittering song to watching them hover above for prey, birds fascinate me. Birds have been one of the latest trends in the paper craft/mixed media industry. I’ve been drawn to these designs and hoping to add more winged creatures to my artwork.

Books: I’m a really slow reader so I’m lucky if I read 3 novels a year. But some of my favorites are The Alchemist, The Life of Pi, Persepolis, and the Nick Bantock trilogies. But one of my current passions is making mini-books. In the past year or so, I’ve probably made 20 mini-books. I’ll make them for gifts, but I love to horde them, too.

Breath: Something I need to do whenever my patience is thin or I start feeling upset. Additionally, I recently found out that I have asthma. Breathing has actually become a lot easier now that I’ve been diagnosed and am taking preventative measures.



Ginnie said...

This is just WONderful, Mad. I'm so glad you took me up on it. And the letter "B" ended up being a good letter for you, I see. You are the only other one besides myself that I have seen add the little photos. To me, that's what made this meme so fun! Thanks for doing it.

madretz said...

Thanks Ginnie! It was fun! And I definitely *had* to add photos since I'm always behind the camera snapping away. :)

Nan said...

Wow, you gave that one a lot of thought and came up with some excellent choices.

I'll try it. What's my letter?

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Such sweet sentiment. I love this meme and may have to play too.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, what a great list. Loved your letter B things. Beautiful words to accompany these lovely photos.

madretz said...

Cate: Yay! Thanks for playing!!

I'll give you the letter "C" for Cate. :)

Coming up with 10 B words was pretty easy once the ball started rolling. The hard part was finding pics that related to it. As Ginnie mentioned above, most people don't include photos so don't worry about adding the pics.

madretz said...

Ragged: Yay! Glad you're gonna try to play, too!

Your letter is "R" for Ragged.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

B words are beautiful and bountiful on your blog!

Unknown said...

I really like your photos (and explanations) and also Ginny's of your A's & B's.
I'd love to play along...
Please give me a letter,k?

madretz said...

Yay Jannie!! I'm glad you wanna play! You're letter is "T" for TwIsTeD! :)
Looking forward to reading your list.

Unknown said...

I'm going to go to bed soon thinking of things I enjoy with the letter "T" while I try to fall asleep. This will be fun! Thanks for letting me play:-)

susanlavonne said...

This is great! I think I will "borrow" your idea this weekend...thanks :-)

madretz said...

Hi Susan!

Awesome, I'm so glad you wanna play, too! Your letter is H for haiku. :)