Friday, April 07, 2006

Pizza Chicago

mmm...Pizza Chicago. On the box it says "Voted #1 Pizza in Santa Clara County!"
I'd probably have to agree but I don't really discriminate against pizza.

This particular piece was quite unique - it's called the Blackhawk (after Chicago's NHL hockey team) and has sausage, ricotta cheese, sweet red pepper, lemon zest, fresh oregano and cracked black pepper. Yum. Created quite a unique blend of flavors. Jimmy agrees on the unique part, but not so much on the yum part.

Funnily enough, we went to dinner here tonight with the Haist-Bowen's. Brought leftovers home, logged onto Photo Hunt and this weeks theme (which ends tomorrow) is "A Slice of Pizza". Happy coincidence.

And tomorrow's lunch...or breakfast (hee) is waiting.


Jodi said...

Nice shot! Sounds yummy too!

I think I'm sitting this round of Photo Hunt out. I didn't get my Wildflowers photo in for the last round's last week (even though I'd taken it) and I've come nowhere near a pizza this week.

Anonymous said...

This sounds wonderful although I prefer feta to ricotta cheese on pizza.
Happy coincidence and great shot!

Ginnie said...

Pizza is always good for breakfast, when it's leftovers! Good choice.