Monday, April 24, 2006

Hello Kitty Haiku

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Jodi said...

I saw this book the other day! You know how I love haiku and I'm fairly fond of Hello Kitty as well. I'm sure I'll own it one of these days!

madretz said...

I thought of you when I saw this. :)
It's in my Hello Kitty day planner and happens to be this weeks color photo.
I didn't get into Hello Kitty till a favorite little girl totally got me hooked, now I'm over the top Hello Kitty everything.

Nan said...

I didn't know Hello Kitty was so huge a market until my gdaughter's bday party. Now I'm a fan as well.

Anonymous said...

Spraying after kItty

purrfect match inflamed
kitty now knows boundaries
Lysol scorched tabby

no well done kitty
pussy arms herself attack!
pyrrhic victory?

what's burning? Ann asked
tabby's smoldering glare fades
contumacious cat