Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Cows

You might have to be from California to appreciate this photo...but doesn't this look like it was taken from one of the Real California Cheese commercials?
These are one of the few commercials that I will actually stop the forward TiVo button to watch.

I suspect these happy cows are enjoying one of the rare partially sunny days we've had in the past 6+ weeks. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I'm in Oregon, and LOVE these commercials! Have you seen the cow commercial where the cow running away through the snow? OMG, hilarious. Not sure that's a California cheese one or not.

madretz said...

LOL, yup, where she's been 'gone' for about a week and has only traveled about 50 feet away b/c the snow is so deep?
Love it!

Then there's the one where they're all standing in a hilly field (like my pic!) and the ground is shaking underneath them...earthquake! It ends and the cows say something like "What?!? Over already?!?! No more foot massage darn it!"

phinner said...

Hey, I saw this during my run last weekend...It was beautiful.

I also saw: sheep, llamas, well endowed donkeys, horses, a weird turkey-chicken crossing the road thing, crows, sparrows...and dead salamanders, a very squashed squirrel, and a dead cat (real road-kill).

No mountain lions : .)

isay said...

i like views like this one. so cool!

a beautiful and different shot from before in your backyard view.

nice slug in the clover.

great close up for the emotional post

great daisies collage

lovely shot of the interesting hands at FDr memorial

and lastly i like that photo about Immigrant Wilderness

Happy EAster

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing site!! My mom and sisters live in San Diego and the pics they send to me (Im in the PNW) are stunning.

Ginnie said...

Nothing like the green hills of California before they turn brown! Or do they turn brown where you live? I lived in So. CA for 12 years and know it may be different.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

The california cows are immediately what I thought of when I saw this. The most recent one the cows are pressing the farmers door bell and then grazing when he comes out to investigate.

I saw sky today - it was blue!!!!

Jodi said...

It does! I love it!

madretz said...

Ginnie: If it stops raining, 3 or 4 weeks later, these hills will be brown and crispy. Primed for a brush fire.