Thursday, April 13, 2006

Celebrating the sun

The sun made an appearance today and I finally got to wear sandals, whooo hoooo! I got a pedicure last week right after I got back from Seattle, but my toes have been stuffed in tennies and socks till today.

It's suppose to rain again tomorrow, but it won't be that bad since today was glorious. Even if it rains while I'm training for that 5k, I won't be discouraged. Give me just a few rays of sun and I'm good to go.

When I was flying in from Seattle last week, I spied a new Michael's Craft store near downtown San Jose. I decided I had to find it tonight. There's nothing like a brand new craft store, all fresh and everything in it's place. I spent nearly 2 hours there, going up and down all the isles, looking at all the fun things. It was huge, I felt like I was in Texas! I bought a few fun birdie shaped wood pieces, a few sheets of 12x12 paper (on sale for a quarter per sheet!), a tiny butterfly punch (with my 40% off coupon that Doris gave me today!), and some cute "baby boy" 3D stickers for a card I'll make for my new nephew.

Oh, there's a brand new TARGET in that shopping center, too. I didn't check it out, but I suspect I'll be there again within a week, lol! Afterall, I need...household supplies...yea...that's it... Posted by Picasa


phinner said...

Synchronicity...Guess which sandals I'm wearing today??? I don't have a spiffy pedicure to go with, however : .)

I'm hoping that the wearing will encourage spring to spring!

madretz said...

Me, too! Bring on the sun. We should wear our sandals together and do a sun goddess dance. ;)

Anonymous said...

...reminds me, I so need my toes spring ready. Yours are so cute with the little flowers painted on.

Hmmmm, maybe next weekend I'll get them done.

Nan said...

You have inspired me to call for an appointment for a pedicure! What pretty toenails!