Friday, March 31, 2006


Yes, it's offically been spring for a week and a half now. But it's still really cold and raining and somewhat miserable. And I live in California where it's always suppose to be a mild 72 degrees. Well, I guess particular stereotype is reserved for S. California, but I know it's been cold and raining down there, too.

I was im'ing my cousin who lives in so-called soggy Seattle. She said it was sunny and somewhat warm, not in the 70's or anything, but nice. I told her it was wet and 49 degrees, at 1pm.

I'm currently sitting here, typing these words and my fingers are about to break off because they are so cold. Totallly shivering even though I'm wearing a sweatshirt, sweat pants and Uggs.

Anyhoo, I keep posting these beautiful spring flowers with the hopes that it'll make me feel like it really is spring.

Looking at my Yahoo desktop widget, the 5 day forecast shows...rain. Posted by Picasa


Ginnie said...

We had a week of Atlanta weather just like that, Madretz (BTW, what IS your name!), a week ago and now all of a sudden, it's in the 70s - 80s! I suspect it'll not be cold-cold again till next winter! So there's hope for you yet.

Nan said...

We've had horrible storms but thank goodness didn't get the worst of them.

I love the bulbs!