Thursday, March 23, 2006

PG&E Trail

A loooonnnnggg story goes with this photo.

I’ll spare you the details, so lemme just say:

Phin said this would be a 6 mile hike. Liar. It was 4 miles UPHILL! Then there was the 4 miles back down.

I almost fainted because I started the hike full of energy and trekking fast and mighty. Till I forgot to breath and my lungs felt like they were collapsing. Turns out I have asthma…maybe that had something to do with it?

NO COTTON SOCKS! Ok…so, we did this hike as a precursor to a Half Dome trek. Eric, my BIL (organizer of the trek) said not to wear cotton socks b/c they’re prone to creating blisters. Wear wool socks. Well, I thought, since this hike is short, a mere 6 miles, cotton socks wouldn’t be an issue. Wrong. After 8 miles, cotton socks and ill-fitting hiking boots, my left foot was a bloody mess of a stump.

Energy you may ask? The trail follows the PG&E trail at Rancho San Antonio Preserve and by the end of the hike, I was out of it. But the view was nice, yesh? Overlooks the South Bay.

submitted to Thursday's Challenge: Energy


Jodi said...

Wow, what a painful story. Great photo too.

phinner said...

LOL!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

I know, it wasn't funny when it was happening!!! The thing is, you stepped up to the challenge!!! AND YOU DID IT!
I bet you would have been much less happy hiking in Yosemite, had we not "trained" on this trail first!!!

You love me!!! ; .)

No cotton socks!!!

Nan said...

Eight miles total?!? That was some hike! You and Phin must be in great shape.