Sunday, March 05, 2006

Have Faith

I'm lovin' these art challenges. I just started a new one and mentioned that faith is a source of inspiration for me.

Last night I painted the acrylics in my art journal but left it at that, with the purple, blue and white shimmer.
Woke up this morning and stamped the white flourishes.
Set it aside for a few hours.
Worked on the collage for Studio Friday.
Went into my stamp room, stared at my stamps deciding on what to use for this page.
Still no inkling what it would become.
Finally an angel cube stamp with these 4 images (Judikins) jumped out at me.
I finally knew that it was going to become a page on faith.

Which leads me to another art blog I belong to, Nudge-Nudge. I had just posted a note about Claudine Hellmuth's book and how she says "Collage thrives on serendipitous discoveries; sometimes you are not sure if you are creating the artwork or if the artwork is actually creating itself".

When I threw the paint onto the blank page last night, I had no idea it would lead to faith. But through the theme about inspiration from Studio Friday, a post to Nudge-Nudge about creating art or art creating itself, I found myself nearly mindlessly yet passionately creating this page.

Inspiration is everywhere. My eyes are open. Posted by Picasa


phinner said...

I love the colors and the highlights. need to know how you did the background, paint brush? sponge? smearing? details please... : .)

madretz said...

using a sponge brush, randomly brushed a few brush strokes of blue and purple, more blue than purple, leaving quite a bit of white paper showing. used a baby wipe (actually - one of those costco wet clean-ups) and before the ink dried, blended/smeared the ink into the paper. I read this technique somewhere but no idea where. Then, using a slightly damp sponge brush, I lightly brushed lumiere white shimmer over the dried blue/purple. I was disappointed how shimmery it was but in the end it turned out ok.

Stamped the flourish using white Staz-on. I no likey. But of course, I have 3 other white ink pads, biggie. lol!

phinner said...

Thanks!!! I love process. I think that baby wipe technique was on crafty-girl or the ATC challenge website. Did you read doodle 101? I guess doodling to your liking is just like practicing calligraphy. You can only get better by doing! I did a page in Shiloh based on graphics for a show that will be on tv and some doodles.