Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Great Customer Service - Marvy Uchida

Just wanted to send a little note to the universe about the great customer service I received today.

I bought a Marvy Uchida punch a little less than a year ago. Don't remember the store I bought it so I can't return it, besides it's been over 30 days and most stores return policy is 30 days or less. But the punch is defective. I tried the typical fix-it techniques but they didn't work.

Anyhoo, I sent them an e-mail at 4:01pm. At 4:41pm, they replied with an apology, an address to send the defective punch to, and a "we'll replace it" without any questions whatsoever. Love that.

I know a couple of paper crafters visit my blog now and then, and I just want to say:
Support Marvy! They take care of their customers. :)

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Nan said...

I LOVE good customer service!