Sunday, February 12, 2006

Visited Canadian Proviences

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On that trip from California to New Jersey (see previous post), we drove back to the West Coast through Canada on the Trans Canadian Highway. That was a trip of a lifetime. It was the summer of '96 (LOL!! Not the summer of '69). We spent 5 1/2 weeks driving across our great country and thru another mighty fine country. I have photos on our family website - our cross country trip are here and our Canadian journey here.

I can sooooo easily get caught up in day to day issues. I try not to dwell on them here (that grace thing I'm attempting to maintain). But looking back, the road I've travelled has been bumpy, but blessed. And looking ahead, the road looks fairly smooth, too. A few potholes I'm sure, but nothing big enough to ruin my alignment.


Brian the Mennonite said...

I loved looking at your pics of your Canadian trip. Great photos. I live in Manitoba and related quite well to your plains of Manitoba shot. That photo could be of my backyard....well almost.

madretz said...

You live in a beautiful country! I love Canada. We spent a few days in Winnepeg before we headed to Saskatoon.

Thanks for visiting my site. :) I tried to leave a comment on yours but for some reason I couldn't get into your comment section.