Friday, February 24, 2006

toughts on travel photography

I'm in Dallas because Jimmy's here for a conference. That means that I'm on my own all day, which I'm comfortable doing and enjoy the time to myself. But being in a strange city and female, obviously, I have to take precautions. I'm always aware of my surroundings and try not to draw any attention to myself. This poses a conflict for me though. Because, as I'm sure anyone who's visited my blog even just once can gather, I love to take photos. And I usually don't just point and click - i'll compose a shot and take several photos of a particular subject fussing with aperature/depth of field/lighting. Well, there's no better neon arrow pointing at you that says "tourist" than a woman alone with a big camera taking multiple photos of typical tourist attractions. So, that leaves me with only a couple of options: be stealth and fast, or miss the shot.Pioneer Plaza. Re-creation of bighorn steer cattle drive in bronze.


Nan said...

Wow! Someone sure did a lot of work on those sculptures. That's amazing.

Nan said...

P.S. And I'm glad you stealthily snap pictures for us to see! Stay on the beaten tourist path and you should be fine. Or are there scary people there, too?

madretz said...

Hi Cate! yea the sculptures are cool. In a nearby city there's a group of bronzed mustangs that I wanted to see, but I won't get to it this trip.

I haven't really noticed scary people, but my senses are always on overdrive when i'm alone and in a strange city. I just think that tourists in general stand out and are so engrossed with the sights that they have a tendency to not pay attention to their belongings, which makes them easy pickings.
Really, I think I've become more aware and self-conscious since I went to NYC with Jimmy and had to tour alone again since he was in meetings the whole time. I thought I was being stealth and not drawing attention to myself, but this one man slowly walked by me and said "nice camera". And, honestly, he probably just meant, nice camera, but there was something in me that said 'you've drawn unwanted attention. you need to be more aware of your surroundings.' I think if I wasn't so camera happy, it would be easier to blend in. That's my conundrum.
What I love to do is take group tours. there's safety in numbers and i can happily break out my camera and snap away like a...tourist!! :)