Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A group of Sneetches on stage performing "Seussical the Musical"
Oops! I meant a group of Who's down in Whoville!! (Sorry Phin!!) I knew that, too! After hearing the songs so many times. :)
I'd change the title, but since I already submitted it to Thursday's challenge with that url, i can't.
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phinner said...

We're Whos here, win or lose here, struggling to stay alive. Each gust, pro-pels our dust, oh how the heck do Whos survive? We're tiny little people blowin' by in the air, wondering how and why, here on Who, the tiniest planet in the sky!!! Who, Who, Who, Who, Whoooo-ooo-ooo! ; .)

Nan said...

I would love to see Seussical! I keep waiting for Phin to post some pictures of when she was in it. (Hint, hint.)