Saturday, February 25, 2006

Preparing for the future

lol. yup, i've already started collecting embellishments for my Dallas scrapbook. These are a few of the things I found yesterday. I found more today.

I've heard the motto that Everything's Bigger in Texas. Well, so are the craft stores and scrapbook stores. The owner of my favorite sb store in Sunnyvale told me that I had to go to Recollections because it's the best sb store in the area. She also told me that it's owned my Michaels. Which, to an independent, often means 'evil empire'. I used to work for a rubber stamp manufacturer and many of our independent store customers told us that if we sold to Michaels, they wouldn't order from us again because they just couldn't compete with them. Makes sense. Anyhoo, I walked into Recollections yesterday and about fainted. Probably over 2000 square feet full of scrapbook supplies. They have tons of stuff I've never seen and often the complete line of a particular manufacturer. My saving grace was that 1) I have to lug anything I buy back home and 2) I prefer buying from independents. So I'm mostly limiting myself to Texas related stuff.

When I was checking out, the lady asked if I was 'in their computer'. I said no, I'm from out of state. She asked where? California. We blathered about California a bit, she grew up in San Diego but her husband's job brought them to Dallas. She was super friendly and chatty. Surprised that an independent told me about her store. Under her breath she said "you know, were owned my Michaels". She's fully aware of how independents dislike them, especially since one of her closest friends owns 2 scrapbook stores in the Sacramento area. After a bit more chatting, she told me about the Joanne's Super Store. She said its 2 stories! And, get this...she gave me a 40% off coupon for Joanne' of her biggest competitors! Seriously, how sweet is that?

Haven't been to the Joanne's yet, tomorrow. But after I returned from exploring Fort Worth, I stumbled upon a Hobby Lobby. Arts and crafts and home decor. Madeline Mecca. Except for the evil empire thing. lol. I'd almost swear that it was the size of Costco, but I must be wrong. it was the biggest arts and craft store i've ever seen. So I'm curious to see how the 2 story Joanne's compares to it. Everything in Texas is bigger. Posted by Picasa


Nan said...

You have made Dallas sound VERY appealing. The group tours sound like the way to go for sightseeing. I love group tours anyhow.

I had never thought about independent stores versus Michael's. We are so small here where I live that we have to drive about two hours to find a Michael's. And the only Hobby Lobby I've seen was in Indianapolis.

Some of the teachers at my former workplace opened a small scrapbook store at the shopping center, and then, of course, there's a few things at Walmart, but that's it. So I'd say our independent should be doing very well.

I was salivating over the scrapbook stores you mentioned in Dallas. What a great trip!

phinner said...

You're not gonna use all that stuff!!! heh,heh,heh! ; .)

madretz said...

Joann's was even more amazing than Hobby Lobby. Probably twice as big. It was insane!

I tried to find an independent SB Store, SB Haven, but...not surprisingly, it wasn't there - out of business. It was located within a couple miles from Recollections.

Phin: LOL! Ya never know! I love embellishments, remember. But I only took a total of 133 photos and I'll only scrap about 1/3 of those. I might start working on it right away because it'll be a relatively quick album.

Jodi said...

I bet you've collected some good photos for future challenges!