Monday, February 27, 2006

The Excess of Texas

I love exploring new areas. Even if it’s an area where I totally can’t relate to. To me, that’s the beauty - seeing and experiencing the differences.

But I came across a few tidbits about Dallas. The following are all quotes from guide books I got from their visitors center. I find it interesting that they pride themselves of excess.

“Dallas is all about superlatives: the biggest steaks, the most luxurious diamonds, the largest endowments, the most magnificent mansions, the most social socialites – if it’s not excess, then it’s just not Dallas.”

“Dallas prides itself as being built on Ambition, Arrogance and One-Upmanship.”

“Mega-bucks aren’t enough in Dallas. It’s your civic duty to flaunt them.”

-On a different note-

I spent Saturday in Fort Worth. The best part was going to the Cowgirl Museum. I originally thought it was going to be hokey. But happily, I was wrong. It was awesome. I love any experience that honors women and their tenacity.

“There’s something left of the wild west in rodeo. Riding a good bronc makes you feel like hollering ‘yeehaa'!” – Jan Youren, Champion Bronc Rider


Ragged Around the Edges said...

So love the idea of a cowgirl museum.

Nan said...

Me too!

Alessandro_PPG said...

Beautiful images of the buildings! Visit my blog! Embrances!

Alessandro_PPG said...

Dei alguns click em seus banners!

Regina said...

Ha! It's so funny the quotes you found from the guide books. It couldn't be more true! I've lived in Dallas for 3 years now and I still cannot relate! I'll be moving soon (hopefully).