Thursday, February 23, 2006


So far...lovin' it! we've only been here a few hours, but seriously, my favorite part is hearing everyone call us ya'll. I'm quite sure that every.single.person we've come in contact with since we got off the airplane has said ya'll to us.

The flight could have been better. I'm not a fan of United Airlines.

Tomorrow's agenda: explore downtown Dallas, the 6th floor book depository museum, lunch at the Mansion at Turtle Creek and drive around some of the neighborhoods made rich from oil tycoons.

Even though it's only 9:45 in California, we're off to bed. A whole day in the air wipes you out.

oh, one more thing...king sized beds are different. I suppose that's why there's a distinction between a king and a California king. This bed is a lot wider but shorter than ours at home.


Jodi said...

Have fun in Dallas! Your comment on my pink photo was funny. I actually work on Sunset Blvd myself (and no, not in 'that way' either!)

phinner said...

I thot you weren't going to the Masion du Tortuga???
Guess J will be wearing a borrowed tux jacket with his t-shirt and shorts! : .)

Git out those cowgirl boots, Sugar!!!

madretz said...

Jodi - I worked Sunset and Gower. Sometimes I'd walk Sunset and Vine. LOL!!
Actually, I worked at the CBS Studios, then walked to the Bank of American on Sunset and Vine. One of my dearest friends still works at the big studio on 3rd and Fairfax.

Phin - I was planning on going by myself for lunch. But it was waaaayyy too pretentious. I went into the hotel wearing dress pants and a nice blazer but they politely said the dining room servered formal luncheons. I was seriously, like, confused. Formal lunch? More than dress pants and jacket? Jimmy reminded me later that we were in the land of oil baronesses and blue blood with their coffed hair and diamonds and designer dresses. And here walks this brown california girl in pants? yea...right.
No matter, I ended up having lunch on top of a revolving tower with 360 degree views of Dallas. Way more my style (club sanni) and I could snap tons of photos up there while I ate and journaled. Muchas better than eating 3 bites of food on a big plate for $40.