Thursday, January 12, 2006

Downtown Ice

This week's Photo Hunt challenge is Ice, and an extra bonus point is awarded if you photograph the ice outside. I know that we have a few places in the Bay Area that offer outdoor ice skating, so it was a matter of deciding on which one to go to. I didn't feel like trekking to San Francisco (good thing b/c I just found out the outdoor rink closed on Jan 1st), the one in Palo Alto didn't look very interesting for photographing, so that left the one in San Jose. I checked their website, and on Jan. 12th, they were having a free Sunset Tango Performance at 6:30. So I get there, 6:35...nothing. But there's a camera crew who appeared to be setting up. Wrong. They were tearing down. The performance started at 6. damnit. All was not lost though; I was still able to get a few decent shots.

Ya gotta admit, they did a pretty good job at making it look nice. That's the moon, btw.

It was set up nice, too. A center section to do tricks or whatever, and an outer oval just to skate around.

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