Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I should start making ATC's (Altered Trading Cards) again. I made these in 2004 for a theme exchange with Phin. They're a nice compact size - 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" so they 'can' be easy to accomplish. Figuring out the design you want is always the hardest part.

I was reading the Top 10 issue of Creating Keepsakes and there's an article about completing a layout in 10 minutes. I typically take 45mins to well over an hour to complete 1 page. When I can dedicate an evening to creating scrapbook pages, I average 5 pages in 8 hours. So I was very interested in reading this article. However, she outlined 3 things to do before you can start counting the 10 minutes. Figure out the Content, Color and Scale of how you want your page to be designed. Well, those are the things that take the longest!! Of course, after you've done the hardest part, the actual layout will be finished quickly. It was an interesting article, but misleading IMO.

I'm currently working on Valentines day cards and finishing up a bunch of class kits I purchased from my favorite scrapbook store. I have 5 or 6 stores closer to me, but SB Dreams is by far my favorite. Not like it's far - it's only 9 miles away, but that's how saturated the SB market is in my area. Anyhoo, the girls who work there are so personable and helpful and FUNNY!!! Back in November when I had pneumonia and hadn't been in the store for over a month, they were so concerned because they hadn't seen me in so long. And once I told them why, they were always checking up on me. One of the ladies calls me the Pneumonia Girl. A funny nickname, but I love it because they just pay attention to their customers. Posted by Picasa

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phinner said...

oh yes!!! I *am* the proud owner of these beauties!!! has it really been that long since we did our last art exchange?

hummm, something to consider starting up again, and with other collage artists we've met : .) I like the mini canvass idea. seems more manageable.