Monday, December 19, 2005


Visions on a snowy road in Yosemite.

submitted to Pxite - Theme: Surreal


Nan said...

You should win a prize for this one!

Jodi said...

wow...was this manipulated in any way?

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Can I ask how you did this?

madretz said...

Thanks for all the great feeback everyone!

The snowy road was one photo, the coyote was another. I just posted the original pic of the coyote (12/22/05). The snowy road picture is un-modified. We were slowly driving down that road in Yosemite and when I took the picture, I left the shutter open for a full second. The snow, the headlights, the night sky and shutter speed all created the dreamy effect. It's one of those 'being at the right place at the right time' moments.

To superimpose the coyote, in Photoshop, I selected him with the magnetic lasso, then pasted him onto the snowy road photo in another layer. I lowered his opacity and added a motion blur till I thought he looked right.

Voila! A surreal vision on a Yosemite road.