Saturday, December 24, 2005


Main Street Christmas tree, Disneyland.
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Nan said...

Could this also be a self-portrait?

My husband and I were in California in '69 when he was in the service and we were newlyweds, but as much as I wanted to go, we just didn't have the money. We missed our best opportunity.

We've been to Disney World though, and loved it! We'd like to take the grandkids someday.

madretz said...

Yep...that's me in the center and my friends.

The expense is one of the drawbacks of going. A 2day park hopper pass is over $100. But it's 2 days, and you can go to both Disneyland and California Adventures. I spend that much on my misc. art and craft projects every other month or so (I'm probably lying a little...there are times when I can spend $100 every month...but I 'say' my budget is about $40 a month). So I know when I'll need to budget my expenses for a trip to Disney. Trouble with that, though...after a trip to Disney, I need to buy all the cool scrapbook supplies to do my disney pages!! It's an endless evil cycle.