Thursday, December 08, 2005

Labor Intensive

There can't be any other fruit more labor intensive than the pomegranate. I just spent 20 minutes de-seeding one tonight. Midway through, Jimmy asked me a simple question and I just about bit his head off. The funny thing is, this is the 1st year I've ever really eaten a pomegranate. They're delicious. Especially in salads. And in martini's from what I hear from Oprah.

I made a dinner salad with mixed spring greens, chopped Bartlett pear, crumbled gorgonzola, sunflower seeds w/ a light vinaigrette topped with pomegranate seeds. Mmmmm. Also made beef stew and gnocchi for No-Beef-Boy. That about maxed out my cooking for the week.


Jodi said...

Your salad sounds delicious! Pomegranates are labor intensive. I haven't eaten one in years because of that.

Andrea said...

They are SO woth the work! Just like crab! :) Happy New Year!