Saturday, December 17, 2005

...I'm not the only one

It's been weeks since I've submitted anything to Illustration Friday. After being sick for over a month (and still not quite 100%), I just lost all of my creative energy. But today's theme inspired me to create. This was my immediate reaction to the theme "Imagine". But I'm not submitting this to the site. First off, there will be a lot of other wonderful submissions with this is afterall an amazing and moving song, but also, my 'illustration' isn't very personalized. The drawing is rendered, and everyone knows the lyrics. But the song moves me, so I felt inspired to create this simple graphic, just as it is.


Jodi said...

I'm nervous reading you were sick for a month. I've been sick for a week so far and it's awful. I feel somewhat better, but definitely not 100%.

My friend said the Bazaar Bizarre was fun, but things were very pricey. I've been the last two years. Each year it has been moving to a bigger venue. I was sad to miss it.

Nan said...

Did you "make" this? It's beautiful!

madretz said...

Jodi - yup, being sick sucks! End of Oct I got the flu. 1.5 weeks later, I had pneumonia. 2 weeks ago a pulled some muscles in my ribs from coughing. GAH! I feel 98% better but still have a cough and get tired easier than pre-sickness days. I always poo-poo'd flu shots...not anymore! I hope you're feeling better soon!!

Cate - yea, I created it in photoshop. Did everything in layers and used a cool brush for the grungy edges from I found the graphic of John Lennon online somewhere, too, and just rendered it.