Sunday, October 02, 2005

gooey, cheesey, yummy goodness

I had this long IM conversation with my cousin on Friday regarding what we were gonna have for dinner. I told her I had a lasagna in the oven and suddenly she had this ravenous craving for it. She jokingly said she'd be over in 3 hours, but alas, she lives far, far away. For some reason, I had never made it for her while she lived nearby - yup, I was holding out on her - "No lasagna for you!"

No Boiling Lasagna
2 containers (15 oz ea) ricotta cheese (I use nonfat or lowfat)
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese (I try to find 2% milkfat)
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 eggs (egg substitute works great, too)
2 jars of pasta sauce
12 uncooked lasagna noodles
Preheat oven 375*. Combine ricotta, 1 cup mozzarella cheese, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese and eggs.
In 13x9-inch baking dish, spread 1 cup pasta sauce. Layer 4 uncooked noodles, then 1 cup sauce and 1/2 of the ricotta mixture; repeat. Top with ramaining 4 uncooked noodles and 2 cups of sauce. Cover tightly with aluminum foil and bake 1 hour.
Remove foil and sprinkle with remaining cheeses. Bake uncovered an additional 10 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before serving.


Nan said...

This is so strange. I just made this recipe for lasagne tonight for my daughter's birthday. Hadn't made it since last Christmas Eve. Everyone left, I came to the computer to check some of my favorite blogs and . . .there was a picture of the lasagne I made. What a coincidence!

madretz said...

That is so funny! How wonderful to know that I have a new kindred spirit! Gotta love those recipes on the back of spaghetti sauce jars.