Friday, September 30, 2005

Rootbeer Float

Today's theme for Illustration Friday is "Float".
My first thought was floating on a river or in a swimming pool, but being the ice cream fiend that I am, when I stumbled upon one of my rubber stamps with a rootbeer float on it, I decided to copy that idea.
This is one of my 1st drawings done exclusively in photoshop.


Turtle said...

Mmmm...a sundae! Nice illustration.

RAY DILLON said...


Sorry, I just planned on doing that, then went with something else. I'm psyched to see others doing it, though. ;o)

madretz said...

Thanks for the nice comments Turtle and Ray!
It is nice to see that others have had the same idea...gotta love root beer floats! I got a lot of ideas on how to make my doodles a little better, too. We'll see if I'll be able execute them.