Friday, August 19, 2005

It had to happen

I have a blog! (You knew I'd eventually get one, didn't ya?) I'll be here often, sharing my favorite photos and miscellaneous cards/scrapbook pages/things I've created. I started this mainly so I could get feedback from you. So-please comment!


Anonymous said...

Hi Madelyn:
We haven't talked in so long. We really miss you. I love your photo's. How are both of you doing? Danielle graduated high school and is going to CSM and working at the pizza restaurant at Hillsdale. Rachel just started high school and Nicky will start middle school on the 30th. I am staying real busy with all of my clients. I hope you are doing good and please keep in touch.
Michelle Jones

Anonymous said...

This is WONDERFUL!! I wish you nothing but the best with this new adventure. Keep in touch.
Debbie Kaeding