Saturday, August 27, 2005

Illustration Friday: Dreams

"Do something every day that scares you".
I don't necessarily subscribe to this motto. I wish I could, but I usually run far, far away from things that scare me. But today I did something that scares me, so to speak. I'm confident enough to publish my photos and submit them to other websites for challenges and contests, but as far as doodles or drawings...well, I'm so inept at it that to actually have a bunch of people look at it frightens me. But I took the plunge and submitted one of my doodles. Illustration Friday is another website that offers themed weekly challenges. There are some seriously talented people out there! But the environment feels welcoming enough for doodlers to partake in the fun without any judgment of being a 'real' artist or not. For some reason though (fear again?), I'm not publishing it to this blog but to another page on my website. You can see it here.


JacqueLynn said...

Well your IF drawing for dreams is toooooo funny, esp since I have the same teeth falling out dream. Great funny sketch. SO, next week post IF on your blog, so it's easier to leave comments, because it's easy to see how good you are, and other people will want to post comments too.

Anonymous said...

HHhheee, I liked your illustration!I mentioned the same dream to my Doctor, asking him to check my gums. The dream was so vivid I thought it happened when waking in the morning. He laughed at me :(

madretz said...

Thanks for the nice comments. You guys actually had to 'work' at finding my post to be able to comment on it and I sincerely appreciate it. I guess I was so unconfident in my doodle that I was afraid of comments, but thanks to you I'll definitely post my IF submissions directly to the blog from now on. I also added a direct link to my blog from my IF Dreams page. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the sketch. This is a recurring dream of mine and my mother's. I guess it runs in the family. My brother has also had it. Keep up the entries - it was funny! I admire you for trying something new.