Tuesday, August 23, 2005


One of the cards I created last year.
'Grace' speaks to me in many different ways. I strive to be gracious in everything I do. It's my middle name. It's part of the name for this website. I live on Grace Avenue and I used to live on Gracemont Street in Whittier 12 years ago.
There's this brand of skin care product called 'Philosophy' and one of their lines is called 'Grace'. They have this quote on it that I love:
Amazing grace is the person who lives in a state of love, forgiveness, and total compassion.
It is the person who is not afraid to be wrong and doesn't need to be right.
It is the humble spirit who lets others shine and helps those who cannot find their light.
It is the person who prays for others and not for oneself.
It is the person who has let their self out and the spirit in.

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